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Greenhouse Tunnel & Nursery
Greenhouse Tunnel & Nursery
Greenhouse Tunnel, Plastic Tunnels, Nursery. (For production activities. Consisted of :UV Plastic follies, 12%, 14% & 220 micron, netting /white colour,trips netting) Greenhouse dengan konstruksi besi. spesifik ..

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Saturday 3, December 2022


How to Test Water Purity
your water. Test well water for herbicides and insecticides when you first move in, and then at least twice that first year

Technical Remarks
ter representing the capacity of ions in an aqueous solution to carry electrical current......

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anaman dengan sistem hidroponik, bisa diskusi dan sharing di blog kami.


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AgriFAM "The Agriculture Industry, Instruments & Lab equioment "  supplying good quality agriculture product, equipment and laboratory analysis and Our professional staff consists of highly trained technical support, technical advice and service to each of our clients in the world wide agricultural industry community. AgriFAM Supplier to the horticultural Industry, Consultancy, Hydroponics System and Vegetable Production, Greenhouse and Hydroponics, Tersedia alat ukur untuk pertanian perikanan makanan seperti Paddy Soil Test Kit Chemical test kits Dissolved Oxygen Meters Coductivity/EC/TDS meters pH meters Salintest (salt content of water) Multiparameter  Hygrometers Thermometers Chemical Oxygen demand Skin pH tester Soil pH tester Titrators Turbidity meters Wall mount indicators Photometers Soilmoisture  pH testers Refracto (Sugar) % Brix Tensiometer Lux meters dan lainnya.

Tersedia bahan pupuk/nutrisi untuk tanaman hortikultura, perkebunan  pangan dan palawija, hidroponik/hydroponics NFT  aeroponics seperti pupuk Nutrisi Hidroponik, AB MIX 100% larut dalam air....... Read more

Driper & Sela
Price: Rp0 Rp1
Temperature R
Price: Rp0 Rp1
Nutrisi AB Bo
Price: Rp65,000

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