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Monday 25, September 2023
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Product Information
NPK Tester (RQ Flex Reflectometer Plus)

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NPK Tester (RQ Flex Reflectometer Plus)

Alat ukur NPK meter, dengan unsur Makro dan Mikro.Dapat juga untuk pengukuran unsur pada makanan,minuman,lingkungan dll.

The Reflectolab plus is a complete suitcase for the analysis of N P K in water or soil e.g..

Aplication for agricultural,
food-processing, or water analysis, whether for controlling disinfection
procedures or for industrial analysis

The Reflectolab plus measures both Reflectoquant test strips and Reflectoquant Test Plus, which means that Potassium can be analyzed in the range 1-25 mg/l.

Standard the following tests are included in the Reflectolab plus:
Potassium (for 100 tests) range: 1-25 mg/l,
Nitrate (for 50 tests) range: 5-225 mg/l
Phosphate (for 50 tests) range: 5-120 mg/l.

Alat ini dapat mengukur Test sbb :

Alcohol in Beer
Alcohol in Red and White Wine
Alkaline Phosphatase in Cream
Alkaline Phosphatase in Milk Powder
Alkaline Phosphatase in Raw Milk Cheese
Ammonium in Liquid Manure
Ammonium in Natural Fertilizer
Ammonium in Red and White Must and Wine
Ammonium in Soil Samples
Ammonium in Waste Water
Ascorbic Acid in Apple Purees
Ascorbic Acid in Apple Sauce
Ascorbic Acid in Banana Puree
Ascorbic Acid in Candies and Lollies
Ascorbic Acid in Carrot Juice
Ascorbic Acid in Cider
Ascorbic Acid in Flour
Ascorbic Acid in Juices
Ascorbic Acid in Kiwi Fruit
Ascorbic Acid in Milk Powder
Ascorbic Acid in Pickling Brine
Ascorbic Acid in Potato Powder
Ascorbic Acid in Red and White Wine
Ascorbic Acid in Red Colored Fruit Juices
Ascorbic Acid in Tomato Juice
Ascorbic Acid in Vitamin Tablets
Calcium in Beer (2.5 to 45ppm)
Calcium in Beer (5 to 125ppm)
Calcium in Cheese
Calcium in Drinking Water
Calcium in Milk
Calcium in Water
Calcium in Wine 2.5-45ppm
Calcium in Wine 5-125ppm
Carbonate Hardness in Drinking Water
Chloride in Mineral Water
Chloride in Pickle of Tinned Vegetable
Chloride in Stock Cubes
Chromium in Cement

Formaldehyde in Fish Products
Formaldehyde in Shampoo
Free Sulfurous Acid in Red and White Wine
Glucose in Fermentation Solutions
Glucose in Jam
Glucose in Juices
Glucose in Pickling Prine
Glucose in Potatoes
Glucose in Red and White Wine
Glucose in Whole Egg Emulsion
Iron in Red and White Wine
Lactic Acid in Red and White Wine, Young Wine and Must
Lactic Acid in Vegetable Juice
Lipase in Butter
Lipase in Cream
Lipase in Curd
Lipase in Fish
Lipase in Hard Cheese
Lipase in Milk Powder
Lipase in Whey
Lipase in Whey Powder

Magnesium in Cheese
Magnesium in Drinking Water
Magnesium in Milk
Malic Acid in Red and White Wine, Young Wine and Must
Malic Acid in Red Wine after Completed Malolactic Fermentation (low level)
Molybdenum in Cooling Water
Nitrate in Beer
Nitrate in Beetroot Juice
Nitrate in Carrot Juice
Nitrate in Carrots
Nitrate in Compost
Nitrate in Dried Potato Powder
Nitrate in Hops
Nitrate in Juices
Nitrate in Pectin Powder
Nitrate in Plant Sap
Nitrate in Potatoes
Nitrate in Red Colored Fruit Juices
Nitrate in Soil Samples
Nitrate in Vegetables
Nitrate in Waste Water
Nitrate in Whey
Nitrate in White Cabbage Juice
Nitrate in White Wine
Nitrite in Cooling Lubricants
Nitrite in Meat Products
Nitrite in Waste Water
Peroxidase in Milk
Peroxidase in Milk Powder
pH in Red Wine and Red Must
pH in White Wine and White Must
Phosphate in Nutrient Solutions for Plant Growing
Phosphate in Soil Samples
Phosphate in Sugar Cane and Sugar Cane Juice
Potassium in Plant Sap
Potassium in Red Colored Fruit Juices

Silver in Black & White Fixing Baths
Sulfite in Dried Fruit
Sulfite in Potato Products
Sulfite in White Wine
Tartaric Acid in Red Wine
Tartaric Acid in White Must
Tartaric Acid in White Wine
Total Acidity in Red and White Wine, Red and White Must
Total Ascorbic Acid in Plant Material
Total Hardness in Drinking Water
Total Sugar in Red Wine and Red Must
Total Sugar in White Wine and White Must
Urea in Milk

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