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Saturday 19, September 2020
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Fast, simple, exact

Measure turbidities with the Turbidimetry instruments from Merck.
Here you’ll find the right solutions for:
• Drinking water
• Wastewater
• Surface water
• Industrial process water

Our instruments are suited for both investigations in the laboratory as well as on-thespot

We have developed the various models of the turbidimetry instruments with a focus on routine measurements.

A feature they all have in common is their ease of use and high sample throughput that they make possible

Technical specifications of the turbidimeter:
Ord. No. 1.18324.0001

Turbi 1100 IR turbidimeter
Portable, battery-operated instrument for on-the-spot analysis
Scope of delivery 2 empty cells, manual, handy hints, carrying case, 4 batteries
Measuring principle nephelometric – 90° scattered light, conform with EN ISO 7027
Light source IR LED
Indication of units NTU / FNU
Measuring range 0.01 -1,100 NTU
Resolution 0.01 within the range 0.01 < x < 99.99 NTU
0.1 within the range 100.0 < x < 999.9 NTU
1 within the range 1,000 < x < 1,100 NTU
Accuracy ±2 % of reading or ±0.1 NTU for range 0 - 500 NTU
±3 % of reading for range 500 - 1,100 NTU
Calibration automatic 1 to 3 points
Response time 14 s
Cuvettes 25 x 45 mm
Sample volume 15 ml
Protection type designed to meet IP 67
GLP function control of calibration intervals, self test
Power requirements 4 alkali manganese batteries, AAA / Micro

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