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Monday 20, September 2021
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Product Information
SOIL MOISTURE METER (Field Scout TDR Series Soil Moisture Probes)

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SOIL MOISTURE METER (Field Scout TDR Series Soil Moisture Probes)

Field Scout TDR 300 Series Soil Moisture Probes)

Measure and record site-specific soil moisture levels
Determine when and where irrigation is needed. Using time-domain
measurement technology, these portable units provide accurate soil
moisture measurements over a full range of soil moisture conditions.
The probe features two mode of operations, volumetric water content
measurement and irrigation management mode. You can select the soil
type for what you are testing to yield more accurate readings. Wilting
point and saturation points can be preset using the supplied software
for different soil types depending on yours need. Moistures levels are
shown on an LCD display

Measurement Units : Percent volumetric water content
Resolution : 0.1%
Accuracy : ±3.0% volumetric water content with electrical conductivity < 2 dS m –1
Range : 0% to saturation (Saturation is typically
around 50% volumetric water.)
Power : 4 AAA alkaline batteries Approximately 12 month life
Logger : Capacity 2700 readings without GPS, 1250 readings with GPS/DGPS
Display : 16 character, 2 line LCD
Weight : 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
Probe Head Dimensions : 3.1” x 3” x 1”(7.8cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm)
Rod Dimensions Length: 3” (7.6cm), 4.7” (12cm) or7.9” (20cm)
Diameter : 0.2” (0.5cm)
Spacing : 1.3” (3.3cm)

The internal data logger and RS-232 port are compatible
with GPS/DGPS. The data logger’s LCD screen will
display the data in one of three modes:
1. Volumetric water content - in Standard or High Clay mode
2. Relative water content - up to 2 RWC modes can be established
3. Measurement period - in microseconds

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