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Thursday 13, May 2021
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Test Strips

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Test Strips

One test strip several results
With the Testrip Multi Test Strips you can determine several test parameters prepared with specific applications in mind with just one test strip.

This means additional savings in time and costs.

Swimming-pool water analysis Total Hardness / Chlorine / pH Ord. No. 1.17967.0001

Multi Test Strips TH Cl2 pH have been specially developed for the analysis of
swimming-pool water.

This combination of parameters in just one test strip swiftly and simply
gives you the necessary assurance of the correct chlorination process and thus helps prevent suboptimal or excessive chlorine dosage. At the same time it helps you notice deviations in the
pH and is also capable of preventing any premature overconcentration of earth alkaline ions.

Cooling-lubricant analysis Total Hardness / Nitrite / pH Ord. No. 1.17966.0001

Multi Test Strips TH NO2 pH feature a combination of parameters for the analysis
of cooling lubricants. The reaction zones on this test strip are bonded to a transparent film to
enable the concentrations to be measured even in heavily contaminated samples. In such cases the
changes in colour produced by the reaction can be evaluated on the reverse of the film.

Aquaristics analysis Nitrate / Nitrite / Total Hardness / Carbonate Hardness / pH Ord. No. 1.17970.0001

Multi Test Strips NO3 NO2 TH CH pH combine the five most important
parameters for aquaristics analysis in just one test strip. This test combination can be used
to measure the parameter combinations of relevance for water flora and fauna at just a glance.

This test strip can furthermore also be used for the preliminary analysis of surface waters.

The test strip incorporates, among other things, a newly developed detection zone for total
hardness that requires just one reaction zone. In addition, a new highly sensitive nitrite reaction
zone is included that is capable of detecting nitrite concentrations as low as 0.5 mg/l, a level
that can already be deleterious for fish.

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