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Tuesday 7, February 2023
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Photosynthesis Handheld portable  (DMR)

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Photosynthesis Handheld portable (DMR)

The Photosynthesis Handheld portableis a lightweight hand-held photosynthesis system. It features a new design concept and a compact solid-state structure. The entire system - display, keypad, computer, data memory, CO2/H2O gas analyzer, flow control system, and battery - is contained in a single hand-held case. It has everything you need to measure photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductance, and internal CO2 concentration, as well as many other factors. Because the chamber is connected directly to the CO2/H2O differential gas analyzer, there is virtually no time delay when measuring CO2/H2O in the chamber. With CID\\\'s carbonate injection CO2/H2O generator module, the CI-340 can precisely control CO2 and H2O concentrations in the leaf chamber. The CI-340 can also control temperature and light intensity with the optional temperature and light control modules. Furthermore, a chlorophyll fluorescence module can be attached to the CI-340 to simultaneously measure photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence. These features make the CI-340 a fast, small, and accurate photosynthesis system for research and teaching. Features : An entire photosynthesis system in one hand-held case. Lightweight and truly portable. Stable analyzer for accurate CO2 and H2O measurements. Open and closed system measurements. 9 interchangeable chambers for different types of leaves. Soil respiration chamber and plant canopy attachment available. Modular attachments include light, temperature control, CO2/H2O supply and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement. The system can automatically control light, temperature, and CO2/H2O concentrations in the leaf chamber. Infrared non-contact leaf temperature measurement. Measures chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis simultaneously. Specifications : PAR Sensor Type: Filtered GaAsP photodiode Range: 0 ~ 2500 Ámol m-2s-1 Accuracy: 5 Ámol M-2s-1 Response: 400 ~ 700 nm Air Temperature Sensor Type: Thermocouple Range: -15 ~ 50░C Accuracy: ▒ 0.1░C Leaf Temperature Sensor Type: Infrared Range: -10 ~ 50░C Accuracy: ▒ 0.3░C Specifications are subject to change without notice. Order Information Includes infrared gas analyzer, PAR sensor, air temperature sensor, choice of one leaf chamber, an infrared non-contact leaf temperature sensor, a Soda Lime tube, a Silica Gel tube, a spare parts kit, rechargeable battery, battery charger, RS232 communication cable, communication software, operating manual, and a carrying case
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